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It’s All In Your Head

Like the helm of a ship, your mind is the most powerful part of you. Always keep it full of the idea that you can do anything and reach any dream.


Hard Work vs. Luck

In a culture so obsessed with hand-outs and getting there faster, we sometimes leave out all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on to a goal. Hard work and dedication help you lose inches and pounds, not luck.

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as a parent it is your god damn fucking job to look after your children stop treating your children like they are burdens

you signed up to have a child, the child did not sign up to have you as a parent

keep this in mind. do not expect your children to immediately give you back all the things you give them. they are children. love them. cherish them. treat them well.

yes. amen.

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Slytherin wasn’t the only founder to leave a concealed chamber at Hogwarts— before her death, Helga Huffelpuff created a secret room which would help all students, regardless of house affiliation or purity of blood. It’s been called many things throughout the centuries; today it’s known as the Room of Requirement. 

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